Division Exercises

single-channel digital video, two-channel audio; 11 minutes 52 seconds; 2020

This video contains sudden changes of image and sound

Division Exercises is a video essay about delineations, discernments and boundaries. It was commissioned for Avantwhatever 2020 by Ben Byrne.

Do you ever feel trapped between opposing mindsets โ€“ to challenge, or to please? To indulge beauty, or be suspicious of its power? Division Exercises considers the choices we face, and how we make sense of so much information and possibility. Are rules what enable us to hold it all together?

Inspired by oceanic borders, โ€˜boundariesโ€™, transplant rejection, food and those who eat it, living and dying, mirrors, Bruce Lee, Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, broken dishes, sandy beaches and tides, cutting items into smaller pieces with a knife, and this full-stop: .

Premiered Friday 10 July 2020 at Avantwhatever